Dental bonding technique includes acid etching application of dentin primer and bonding agent

Photos on restorative dentistry involves fillings inlays or crowns created in our General Dentistry office.

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How to pictures. Dental Bonding Technique. After acid etching, apply All Bond 2 dentin primer to remove the smear layer. Then apply All Bond 2 dentin enamel bonding agent with dual cured catalyst. Bis-fil 2B self cured composite is next placed in the interproximal boxes and somewhat over the occlusal floor. It can be compressed into the interproximal boxes by condensing on preformed, already cured 2mm wide balls of Herculite XRV bonding material. Herculite XRV bonding material is added on top. Light curing should occur for 60 seconds on each the occlusal, buccal and lingual surfaces. A metal matrix with regular wood wedges work fine. Refine anatomy with a #8 round bur and finishing burs. Then use Fortify bonding agent to seal the micropores in the composite resin after the occlusal anatomy is prepared. Technique dated around 1998.