A child fell and broke his two adult teeth so consider apexification partial pulpotomy

Photos on when children break adult teeth created in our General Dentistry office.

broken tooth accident, teeth trauma, falling, sports injury, partial pulpotomy, x-ray diagnosis
This ten year old fell into a wall while playing ball and broke his two adult teeth that were not yet completely formed. 1) Refer to ER or neurologist immediately, if necessary, to rule out neurologic injury, 2) Refer to an Oral Surgeon and take a PAN to rule out broken facial bones, 3) Pedodontist consultation, 4) Endodontist consultation – apexification of these teeth is very important (a partial pulpotomy using MTA was performed), 5) Then consider restorative dentistry.
primary baby teeth tooth dentistry pediatric dentist kids children Habits Tongue Thrust crib kids
A tongue crib in place to stop a tongue thrust habit in an adolescent male with baby teeth still present. Note the anterior open bite and the labial displacement of the upper central incisor tooth #8. The tongue crib is custom made and cemented onto the upper first molar teeth by the Orthodontist. This dentistry may sometimes be performed by a Pediatric Dentist.
primary baby teeth tooth dentistry pediatric dentist kids children gum abscess gingival deciduous
Before and after extraction pictures of a deciduous tooth. Acute periodontal gum abscess around an over retained primary canine baby tooth. The baby tooth is shown after tooth extraction by the Pediatric Dentist.