Gum surgery when gums have 5 to 7 millimeter periodontal pocketing and bleeding upon probing

Before and after photos on apically repositioned flap periodontal gum surgery performed in our Gum Disease Treatment office.

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Periodontal Gum Surgery for a patient whose gums had 5-7mm periodontal pocketing and bleeding upon probing.
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Extraction of the root of a hopeless tooth #26 and splinting the coronal portion to the adjacent teeth in a 40 year-old female. Localized treatment of the gums. 1) – 3) Initial views. 4) The wire used for the splint next to a perio probe. The wire is doubled to prevent the tooth from rotating around it after placement. 5) The splint bonded to the lingual surfaces of teeth #’s 25 and 27. 6) Initial preparation through the mid-length of the tooth. 7) Following extraction of the root. 8) The extracted tooth root. This patient has already been through two rounds of scaling and root planing. After healing of this extraction site she will then have an apically positioned flap periodontal gum surgery and then possibly a graft to build up this area. It is expected that some other method for tooth replacement will be utilized following this periodontal gum therapy.