gum disease treatment

Periodontics treats bad breath and bleeding gums. Gum disease treatment intends to eliminate the bacterial infection that also causes a bad taste in the mouth. This is frequently also associated with swollen gums. Our gum disease treatment team includes 16 cosmetic dentists, specialists (including a Periodontist) and lab ceramists in one high-end midtown Manhattan office. Our staff Periodontist provides conservative gum treatment and utilizes periodontal gum surgery only as a last resort.

As a result we are able to offer quick and comfortable non-surgical gum care. We offer intelligent and honest diagnosis based upon 31+ years of experience. We use the finest materials and top labs. Along with our dental hygienists we teach our patients the many choices they may have regarding the nature of their specific type of gum disease, various preventative measures they may employ at home and the benefits & risks of each type of proposed periodontal therapy. Visit us for the finest gum disease treatment.

Our gum disease treatment patients also have access to top medical care

Moreover our patients have access to our affiliated team of 12 medical doctors in our building. This is because of the known relationship between periodontal disease and other medical diseases like heart disease and diabetes. We hope to improve your overall health one step at a time.

Before and After Photos of Gum or Periodontal Treatment.

Coordinate gum disease treatment with cosmetic dentistry

Your gum disease treatment will be coordinated with all other needed specialty dentistry at the same time in one office. We carefully personalize your periodontal treatment plan.  For example, your cosmetic dentistry will occur in the appropriate sequence, after periodontics, endodontics and implant dentistry. This can prove to be a very valuable benefit to our periodontal disease patients. Gum therapy is frequently performed without a careful consideration of cosmetic dentistry. This can result in a surprised patient. They may discover they have successfully treated their gum disease but they now have black triangles between their teeth. These areas collect food and show the roots of the teeth. Non-cosmetic porcelain crowns may now also show a black line around the gum line.

Oral Microbiology cultures can reduce the need for Gum Surgery

We can prescribe a precise antibiotic to kill most gum disease. That is only if we learn in an Oral Microbiology culture the exact species of germs cause your gum disease. CSD has performed Oral Microbiology Culture testing on our periodontal gum disease patients, and has referred them for medical examinations when appropriate, for over three decades. This was long before the relationship between gum disease and heart disease or diabetes hit mainstream media. The desired end result of most periodontal therapy is the elimination of disease-causing bacteria and this does not necessarily require gum surgery.

Conservative gum disease treatment saves money, time & pain

Periodontal surgery is significantly more expensive than conservative, non-surgical periodontal therapy. Sadly, many dentists and periodontists will unnecessarily rush to the more aggressive treatment. A periodontist should see most patients who suffer from moderate to severe gum disease. This is regardless of the skill of the general dentist.

Lastly, review below the result of a an oral microbiology culture. Note the antibiotic resistance testing section. It shows that enteric gram negative rods are resistant to the four antibiotics tested. This demonstrates the need for this test before being given antibiotics to treat gum disease. The culture  suggests which antibiotics will actually work to kill an infection and which antibiotics won’t. It makes sense to know this before giving the patient one or more weeks of taking unnecessary medication.
Oral microbiology conservative gum disease treatment

The skills of individual dental hygienists vary as greatly as those of dentists. High volume offices will typically schedule patients in 30 minute time slots whereas CSD will typically schedule hygiene patients for one hour. In addition, hygienists in high volume offices will frequently take x-rays much more often than needed.

There is a reason our teeth cleaning visits and other gum disease treatments are more expensive. A poorly performed cleaning may leave behind a lot of bacteria. This is also true for other gum therapy including gum surgery. Tooth decay and gum disease may progress unnoticed by the naked eye for many years. Significant damage may have occurred by the time it is diagnosed.

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