The long term prognosis of a tooth dramatically decreases when there is furcation involvement

Before and after photos on furcation involvement with receding gums and bone loss performed in our Gum Disease Treatment office.

Furcation involvement hemisection root resection molar tooth cavity decay dental caries bone loss
Furcation involvement receding gum and bone loss in a mandibular molar tooth. How to pictures treatment of a molar in the lower jaw with a big tooth cavity decay:
– root canal therapy.
– gum surgery for crown lengthening.
– two cast gold posts.
– porcelain dental crown with a metal furcation.
furcation involvement subgingival decay tooth cavity below the gum caries teeth recession receded
The long term prognosis of a tooth dramatically decreases when there is furcation involvement. This is because the receding gum and bone loss exposes the underside of a mulitrooted tooth that is very difficult to keep clean. Therefore bacterial infection and dental caries and/or gum disease is much more likely without meticulous oral hygiene. This
patient presented with an old tooth crown that had broken off a root canaled molar tooth. Preparation drilling into the pulp chamber revealed extensive subgingival – below the gum – tooth decay and furcation involvement. Tooth extraction is indicated.
furcation involvement hemisection tooth teeth receding gums bone loss dental gum recession gingiva
How to pictures: Tooth crown removal and hemisection for a tooth with a furcation involvement. 1) Pre-op dental crown. 2) Initial preparation drilling through the crown. 3) Crown after removal. 4) Tooth after crown removal. 5) Preparation through composite core. 6) Gutta percha – the orange color – is root canal filling material. 7) Hemisection completed. Hemisection means cutting a two rooted tooth in half; it frequently also involves extraction of one of the two separate roots but not in this case. 8) Gutta percha is exposed and requires more dental composite resin to seal it within the tooth after crown lengthening periodontal gum surgery.
Furcation involvement Telescopic Coping telescope gum pockets periodontal pocketing infection
Tooth crown design for a hemisected mandibular molar that had a furcation involvement gum recession and bone loss. 1) Tooth #30 was hemisected. 2) The tooth crown is seen from below to show a metal furcation and that it looks like two separate premolar teeth crowns.