A full thickness mucoperiosteal flap of the gums with bucco lingual vertical releasing incisions

Before and after photos on periodontal regeneration membranes and gum barriers performed in our Gum Disease Treatment office.

dental membranes periodontal regeneration gums synthetic barrier gum, allogenic bone grafting
Dental membranes used in the oral surgery closure of a buccal dehiscence on an upper lateral incisor tooth. 1) The initial presentation with the lateral incisor root exposed and a tooth cavity up to the root apex. 2) Surgical exposure of the site after extraction of the tooth root. A full thickness mucoperiosteal flap of the gums with bucco-lingual vertical releasing incisions was used to obtain primary closure. The tooth socket was curetted – cleaned out – and freeze-dried cortical bone graft chips were placed with Biomend membrane. 3) The oral surgeon obtained primary closure of the wound with 3-0 Vicryl sutures. 4) The final result after fabrication of the teeth bridge.