Gum tissue is influenced by female hormones so PMS or pregnancy may cause gum bleeding

Gum tissue is very influenced by female hormones.  There is a lot of scientific literature on gums becoming inflammed and/or bleeding during a certain point of the menstrual (PMS) cycle.  Pregnant women may also notice that their gums will begin to hurt and/or bleed.  Keeping your gums clean with regular dental flossing, Listerine (or generic equivalent) mouthwash and regular professional dental cleanings should greatly help reduce this discomfort and bleeding for those women whose gums are otherwise healthy.  Women who have more severe gums problems should seek out a periodontist (gum specialist).  Before and after photos on PMS pregnancy and gum infection or inflammation performed in our Gum Disease Treatment office.

Significant gum disease in a pregnant patient could have a negative impact on a developing fetus.  An active infection inside a tooth and/or around the gums results in bacteria traveling through the blood stream.  Women anticipating pregnancy should consider completing needed dentistry before conception to avoid their own potential  emergencies and to have a healthier child.

It is also worth noting that phobic, i.e. fearful, female dental patients might want to avoid dental cleanings during the time in their menstrual cycle that their gum tissue is most sensitive.  Generally pregnant patients should avoid non-essential dentistry during their first trimester but should consider seeing a dental hygienist during their second and third trimesters to maintain the periodontal and dental health they already, ideally achieved before conception.  The third trimester hygiene visit is particularly important because, after childbirth, the patient may be unable to return any time soon given their own personal need to heal and to care for and/or nurse their newborn child.  Of course, any person reading this needs to specifically consult their own ob/gyn for information that may more directly apply to their own unique needs.

PMS pregnancy and gum infection or inflammation photographs.  There are hundreds of pictures in the Gum Disease Treatment section.