Protect a Herpes Lesion, Cold Sore, During Dental Procedures If You Cannot Reschedule the Patient

In this video this patient was visiting from another city and could not be simply rescheduled. Herpes virus is still present in the saliva. We were trying in a full mouth of second stage dental implant parts and jigs and did not create an intra-oral aerosol mist.  Before and after photos on Protect Herpes Cold Sores During Dentistry performed in our Gum Disease Treatment office.

The intention of this idea is to create a physical barrier over this large herpes lesion so as not to injure this area while also trying to reduce direct physical exposure to herpes virus. Placing Vaseline on the lesion before placement of the polyether impression material is important because it will prevent the polyether from sticking to the lesion upon removal. The patient tolerated the placement and removal of this barrier quite well.

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: This is Dr. Jeff Dorfman at the Center for Special Dentistry in New York City showing a technique, a novel way to protect yourself from an exposed herpes lesion during a dental procedure. The first thing I’m going to do is apply some Vaseline to the lesion to initially protect it, and then what I will do on top of that is I will take some poly-ether impression material and I will put it over the lip and Ill have it bond on the adjacent skin that is not covered with Vaseline so that it will stick. This is Dr. Jeff Dorfman at the Center for Special Dentistry in New York City.