Porcelain veneers for two upper front broken teeth that had fractures and chips

Before and after photos on repair broken porcelain veneers and chips performed in our Porcelain Veneers office.

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The “Bobbi” porcelain teeth veneers dental laminate technique involves the fabrication of the dental veneers on a master model BEFORE preparation of the actual teeth. This allows the teeth preparation and final porcelain veneers to be completed in a one-hour visit. 1) Pre-op photo shows traumatic fracture of a porcelain veneer on tooth #8. 2) The tooth veneer preparation is made on the master model. 3) The porcelain veneer is fabricated on this master model. 4) Tooth preparation. 5) Initial seating of the dental veneer. 6) Etch with 37% phosphoric acid. 7) Vaseline placed on labial surface during seating to prevent bonding material from adhering to the labial surface. 8) Final result. The main drawback to this technique is having confidence that your preparation on the tooth will closely match that performed on the master model. Otherwise, the dentist will be faced with double lab charges if the teeth veneers do not fit. Note this technique can be performed only for porcelain veneers where the expectation of marginal fit is not as high as for porcelain fused to metal dental crowns and this discrepancy is compensated for with the teeth bonding system used for adhesion.
Before and after how to pictures.
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Porcelain teeth veneers made for two upper front broken teeth. How to dental veneers before and after pictures.

1) Before photo with broken maxillary central incisor teeth and an open bite occlusion. These teeth were cleaned and teeth whitening was performed before preparation for porcelain veneers. 2) Facial depth cut for the teeth veneers made on tooth #9. 3) Initial preparation on teeth #8 and #9. 4) Final preparation of #8 and #9. 5) Slightly reducing interproximal contacts with sandpaper strip. 6) Retraction cord packed before taking the tooth impression. 7) Final porcelain dental veneers. 8) After picture. Porcelain teeth veneers after cementation.

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Porcelain dental veneers following accidental trauma to the two upper front teeth. How to before and after pictures. 1) Tooth #8 shows a burst blood vessel through enamel and deep cracks following an accident. 2) Following root canal therapy and “walking” internal bleach – tooth whitening. 3) Following external office bleach – teeth whitening for all the teeth. 4) Beginning incisal reduction for porcelain teeth veneers. This patient wanted to eliminate the facial dental bonding on #9 and deep crack lines. 5) Beginning facial reduction using depth cuts. 6) Final preparation for porcelain teeth veneers. 7) Porcelain teeth veneers master model.
8) Porcelain dental veneers cemented in the mouth.