A bite plate is used to treat myalgia and myositis secondary to bruxism teeth grinding

Photos on night guards for grinding or teeth clenching created in our TMJ Bite Guards office.

grinding teeth, bruxism, mandibular stabilizing appliance, myalgia, myositis, Hawley bite plate
A mandibular stabilization appliance – bite plate – with a braided brass lingual reinforcement, occlusal stainless steel mesh and ball clasps. This is used to treat myalgia-myositis secondary to bruxism – teeth grinding. Note the extension up the lingual aspect of the anterior teeth without incisor coverage.
teeth grinding, dental veneers, wear, tooth erosion, jaw clenching, mouth bite bruxism
Six maxillary porcelain veneers were placed to add tooth length for a patient who had first successfully adjusted to a mandibular stabilizing appliance. Note that the teeth were worn down due to teeth grinding, bruxism. A night guard is recommended for most of our porcelain veneer patients because it helps protect the investment. Parafunctional habits like teeth grinding can cause significant breakage of teeth and certainly porcelain veneers. Prevention is invaluable.