TMJ bite guards

The Center for Special Dentistry in New York NY offers treatment of TMJ problems and the fabrication of various types of bite guards to treat clenching, grinding or bruxism. Your treatment may include one or more members of our team of sixteen dentists, specialists and lab technicians who work together in one office to help with your TMJ bite guards treatment. We offer intelligent and honest diagnosis based upon 31+ years of experience. Our treatment is quick and comfortable. We use the finest materials and top labs.

An explanation of terms from your TMJ bite guards specialists

Many people use similar terms like TMJ, which is an abbreviation for the actual Temporomandibular Joint where most pain is experienced, and TMD, which is an abbreviation for Temporomandibular Disease or Disorder. Regardless, the patient may have acquired a bad habit of grinding or clenching their teeth – and this could be related to improperly fitting dentistry – or instead they may have an unusual shape of their TM joint that is the underlying cause of the disorder. That is why at CSD the diagnosis and treatment of your TMJ may require additional specialists to offer the most logical conservative approach.

Our TMJ bite guards patients also have access to top medical care

Moreover our patients have access to our affiliated team of 12 medical doctors in our building. This is because of the known relationship between dental disease and other medical diseases like heart disease and diabetes. We hope to improve your overall health one step at a time.

TMJ bite guards with wrought wire clasps

More Complex NY Bite Guards for Treatment of TMJ

Many of our staff dentists and specialists have teaching appointments or professorships at top NY dental schools. Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman, Director, has over twenty years combined professorships at Columbia and NYU dental schools and is regularly visited by dental students and young dentists from around the world.

More info on TMJ and TMD.

TMJ diagnosis

The diagnosis of TMJ problems might be quite simple and therefore only require a comfortable thin rubber bite guard. You will likely wear our appliances more than those created elsewhere because of this comfort. And that is important when seeking our midtown TMJ bite guards team.

The diagnosis of more complex TMJ problems may require additional special x-rays like a Panoramic radiograph that can help visualize the joint itself or sometimes our patients will need a CT, otherwise called a CAT scan. This may be needed if, for example, there is a history of traumatic injury that preceded the symptoms.

The level of personalized care and attention to detail will be readily apparent to a new patient. We also have an affiliated team of 12 medical doctors that is accessible to all our patients in addition to our midtown TMJ bite guards dentists and specialists.

All of the dentistry shown on this 4,400 page website was created by Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman. Visit us when you want it done right the first time; you will save money by initially spending more. In conclusion, please call The Center for Special Dentistry®.

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