This child broke his two adult teeth where the root apices have not yet completely formed

Before and after photos on a broken tooth may be chipped cracked or fractured performed in our Root Canal office.  Another excellent example of a cracked tooth may be found here,

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This young boy broke his two adult teeth. Notice in the x-ray that the root apices of these teeth have not yet completely formed. The dental concern is to facilitate the complete formation of the root apex in these teeth. A partial pulpotomy using MTA was performed.
Broken Tooth Teeth chipped cracked fracture broke chips cracks fractured dental filling break

Picture of a broken tooth. Note the portion of the tooth – in the top of this photo – that has separated from the dental bonding. This tooth had received root canal endodontics ten years earlier but did not get a dental crown as recommended. Chipped and cracked teeth are common after root canal and that is why a tooth crown is frequently recommended. Fortunately this tooth break did not extend far below the gum gingival margin and the patient received a dental crown.

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