A fistula gum boil or pimple near a tooth after a deep filling that caused a periapical abscess

Photos on a fistula gum boil or pimple from a periapical abscess created in our Root Canal office.

Fistula, Gum Boil, Gum Pimple, Gum Bump, Periapical Abscess diagnosis.
A fistula associated with a second premolar following a deep bonded filling. 1) Note the pre-treatment x-ray and healthy surrounding bone. 2) The fistula (a periapical abscess) can be seen on the lingual of the premolar. The patient described classic signs of the bump getting larger and then getting smaller every few days. She also said the tooth felt “loose.” 3) A Gutta Percha point was placed into the fistula to determine it’s origin. 4) The Gutta Percha point went exactly to the root apex where a large periapical radiolucency was noted. This large periapical radiolucency occurred in only two months. The patient was given PCN (she’s not allergic) and was scheduled with the Endodontist.