Pulpotomy performed in the tooth pulp chamber treats a pulpitis or nerve pain

Photos on pulpotomy is emergency tooth pain nerve treatment created in our Root Canal office.

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Pulpotomy – root canal emergency treatment – in an upper right first molar tooth. 1) Initial photo of the molar. Dental caries – tooth decay – was visible in the x-ray. 2) Initial preparation drilling for the removal of tooth decay. 3) The pulpotomy was performed within the pulp chamber. 4) This photo shows the tooth nerve – pulp – being removed (arrows). Photo of dental pulp tooth or dental nerve.
A pulpotomy may be offered as an emergency root canal treatment or sometimes it may be offered as a longer term option for children. With children a pulpotomy may be offered in a baby tooth to maintain the tooth long enough for it to be removed at the correct developmental stage or it may be offered on an adult tooth, in a child’s mouth, when the root apices have not yet fully formed. ┬áIt is important for a parent to understand the reason for the treatment recommendation and what other procedures will likely be needed in the future. If unsure, it is better to ask the dentist or pedodontist, children’s dentist, whoever is making the recommendation and/or performing the procedure.