It is better to damage a bite guard than damage teeth from teeth grinding clenching or bruxism

Sometimes we have patients who need to wear both a TMJ bite guard and also an orthodontic retainer. In those increasingly common cases we design one device, typically for the lower jaw, that is a combined retainer and TMJ bite guard.  Photos on bite plate or night guard for TMJ bruxism or teeth grinding created in our TMJ Bite Guards office.

bite guard, teeth clenching, grinding, bite plate

Teeth grinding and teeth clenching refer to slight differences in movement

This bite guard was made for teeth clenching. It is obvious that this patient needed one. It is better to wear out the rubber bite guard than damage teeth structure or the surrounding gums and bone. Now it is time to make a new one.

bite plates appliances, night sleep cure occlusal guard, teeth grinding bulimia bruxism

Extreme teeth grinding

Dental Reconstruction of a Wall Street executive who was afraid of dentistry who also needed a bite plate for bruxism. Total treatment time was about nine hours in two visits during one business week: Monday (four hours) and Friday (five hours). This patient hid his dental condition for over a decade by never smiling.

In the first row of photos, note that the bite was over-closed due to a prior history of an eating disorder, now controlled, and a current teeth grinding bruxism habit.

An Oral Surgery consultation with panoramic x-ray (second row) was performed prior to treatment to evaluate opening the bite.

The third row shows x-rays taken after the Endodontist completed eight root canals on the first day on tooth #’s: 6 – 11 and 14, 15.

The fourth row shows the lab-processed 11 unit (11 tooth) temporary bridge and the cast gold post/cores for the root canal treated teeth.

The fifth row shows the cast gold post/cores cemented.

The sixth row shows the lab-processed temporary bridge in place after the surgeon extracted tooth #’s: 3 – 5 and 12, crown lengthening gum surgery was performed on tooth #’s: 6 – 11, and a distal wedge was performed on #15.

The patient will have a final porcelain-metal bridge made after the gums heal. Dental implants may also be placed in the upper right posterior. A bite plate is also necessary to try to mitigate the force of tooth grinding. Referral for pharmacological management of anxiety is also worthwhile.

bruxism, TMJ stabilizing appliance, bite plates appliances, night sleep occlusal guard treatment

A teeth grinding bite plate, night guard or appliance

The left and right lateral view of the mandibular stabilization appliance, a night guard, for teeth grinding or bruxism. Note the cuspid rise to obtain disocclusion during lateral excursions.

TMJ pain bruxism teeth grinding cure stabilizing appliance bite plate appliances night guard

A reinforced bite plate for heavy duty teeth grinding, bruxism or clenching

A mandibular stabilization appliance with a braided brass lingual reinforcement, occlusal stainless steel mesh and ball clasps. This is used to treat myalgia-myositis secondary to bruxism. Note the extension up the lingual aspect of the anterior teeth without incisor coverage. A mandibular stabilization appliance may also be referred to as a bite plate or night guard.

teeth clenching, TMJ, bruxism, stabilizing appliance, bite plates appliances, night guard grinding

This device is helpful in the treatment of bruxism, teeth grinding

The mandibular stabilization appliance, night guard, is in place. Note the cuspid rise to obtain disocclusion during lateral excursions.
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