Complete Dental Medical Care in One Midtown Manhattan Office Building

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Dental Medical Care in one midtown Manhattan office building

Our dental practice offers 16 cosmetic dentists and all dental specialists in one midtown Manhattan office. In addition we have another ten affiliated physicians who work on a different floor of our office building. Therefore we are able to offer many health care services whenever patients visit our dental practice. Patients referrals to the medical floor for same day visits occur upon request. In addition Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman will frequently personally walk the patient to the medical floor to make the introduction. Call us at The Center for Special Dentistry at (212) 758-1000 if you are seeking a higher level of dental medical care. We are located on the fifth floor at 425 Madison Avenue 10017 at 49th Street.

The affiliated physicians include internal medicine, weight loss medicine and sports medicine. Furthermore other areas of physical medicine include chiropractic, podiatry and physical therapy.

The benefits of dental medical care in one place

It is not uncommon for our patients to suddenly think of all their other medical needs while in our dental office. For example, during their dental examination they may remark to Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman the problems they may experience with a recent knee injury. Otherwise, they may mention their rising blood sugar that they are unable to control on their own. Someone else many mention the inconvenience of their physical therapy sessions.

There is a benefit to having a close personal relationship with many of your primary care doctors. There is also a benefit to having many of your primary care doctors in one place. Lastly there is a benefit to many of your primary care doctors knowing one another. This facilitates the planning and implementation of your overall dental medical care. And you benefit with better overall health.

Dental medical care Dentist Midtown

425 Madison Avenue is on the Southeast corner of 49th Street.

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