How to repair a loose crown on a dental implant with a torque driver.

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How to repair a loose crown on a dental implant with a torque driver.

These photos show how to repair a loose crown on top of a dental implant. In the x-ray (not shown here) the bone around the implant appeared to be healthy and the implant abutment appeared to be in the exact middle of the crown. This helped to identify where to start drilling through the porcelain crown with a round diamond bur. Next, a sharp-edged steel bur was used to cut through the metal of the crown below the porcelain. This cutting was performed carefully so as not to damage the second stage implant abutment while looking for the access hole to the second stage screw. An implant screwdriver was fit through the opening.  If necessary the metal of the crown can be smoothed to allow more room for the screwdriver. One must choose a screwdriver that fits the brand of implant under the crown. A torque driver was then connected to the implant screwdriver and the implant company’s recommended torque applied. Blue wax was then placed over the screw and composite resin dental bonding of the appropriate shade was placed in the occlusal opening.

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This post was written by Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman