My Experience at The Center for Special Dentistry, New York

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I am really happy that I did my dental internship at “The Center for Special Dentistry” in New York. What attracted me to do here was mainly the location, its online internet businesses in dentistry which is one of the largest in world and very impressive profile of Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman. His educational qualifications from University of Pennsylvania and faculty experience from NYU and Columbia dental schools make him one of the finest dentists in the nation.

There are few things that I would like to highlight about “The center for special dentistry”. The first thing is that this organization has a very good dental internship program that helps many aspiring dentists to have exposure to the field of dentistry in the real world. This was the place where I had seen the implementation of cutting edge technology in treating patients. Secondly, Dr. Jeffrey had always made an effort to keep us informed about the daily activities regularly and also kept us up to speed with the trends and forecasts of dental services in and around New York. At the same time I got a chance to hang out and work with highly ambitious students and staff from around the globe.

Finally the dental implant project I was assigned was very rewarding and helpful. My successful completion of this assigned project during internship made Dr. Jeffrey to recommend me for USC Dental School in Los Angeles where I was eventually given admission in 2014.

–Dr. Venkata Rajesh Pasupuleti

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