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After I finished my dental school in UAE, I decided to come to USA to gain more clinical experience, knowledge and to see more clinical cases. I joined Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman’s Advanced Dental Education Program for foreign-trained dentists at The Center for Special Dentistry in New York City. During this time I observed many challenging clinical cases, the way Dr. Dorfman treated the phobic patients who had bad dental experiences previously was amazing. I was able to get to know the settings and ways for managing the private dental office practice. The center is a multi-specialty dental practice so I was also able to observe the other specialist dentists treating patients. I observed the communicative and interpersonal skills that enable the dentist to deal with patients. I would highly recommend the Advanced Dental Education Program at The Center for special Dentistry.

I would like to thank Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman for giving me the opportunity to be trained under him.

Dr. Parisa Zare
Ajman University of Science and Technology, UAE

In December 2013 Parisa was admitted to the NYU post-graduate program in Orthodontics that will start July 2014.

Persian dentists

Dr. Parisa Zare on the left and Dr. Sahar Kamkar on the right.  Both dentists are of Persian descent.

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