Student-designed poster on dental x-ray radiation safety facts.

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My name is Jevin Carruth and I am currently a dental student in my second year of training. In response to a study published last year allegedly (and unconvincingly) linking bitewing radiographs to an increased risk for a rare type of brain tumor, I decided to design this informational flyer to help dentists ease their patients’ concerns about radiation from dental X-rays. It is easy to read, colorful, and it compares the very small amount of radiation in dental X-rays to other common sources, like flying in a plane. I am currently selling the design in two formats: 1) an 8.5×11 inch laminated flyer ($15 for one, $35 for three), which is small enough to fit in a drawer or somewhere else out of sight until questions arise, and since it is laminated it resists tearing, crumpling and moisture damage; and 2) medium (11×17 for $28) and large (18×24 for $40) posters. I will be donating 10% of all sales to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at , or by phone at 802-363-8892. Thanks!

dental x-ray radiation safety

Dental x-ray radiation safety poster created by dental student, Jevin Carruth.

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