Post and Core with a Kaitlyn Loop

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34 Year old female patient presented to Dr. Dorfman’s office. She was apprehensive about the dental treatment and did not want local anesthesia. She needed a post and core and crown on tooth number 31. I observed the cementing of the custom cast gold post and core, crown preparation and fabrication of a temporary crown.

The cast post and core was made of 18 carat gold. As the tooth was located at the back of the mouth, it was difficult to work on. It was even more difficult to check the fit of small components like posts because there is a greater possibility of dropping them in the mouth and the patient swallowing them. Dr. Dorfman has invented a loop attached to the gold post and core called a Kaitlyn loop. This loop is very useful to hold the cast post and core. Dental floss can be passed through the loop to allow easy removal of intraorally dropped cast posts or even crowns, thus preventing them from being swallowed by the patient. The patient’s custom cast gold post and core  was cemented with RelyX resin cement. The loop was drilled off after the cementation.The crown preparation was done without the administration of local anesthesia. A supragingival shoulder margin was made. As the tooth had a short clinical crown, two grooves on buccal and lingual surfaces were made for extra retention. The temporary crown was fabricated, a final impression was taken and the temporary crown was cemented.

S.K., New York University College of Dentistry

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